The 2019 Chesley Awards 
bestowed by ASFA - The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists

(Photo by Joy Alyssa Day & BJ Johnson)

chesley award

     The Chesley Awards were founded in 1985 to recognize achievements and artistic works in the fields of science fiction and fantasy, and related areas. Originally called the ASFA Awards, they were renamed to honor Chesley Bonnestell after his death in 1986. 

     The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA) often chose to host their awards at the yearly Worldcon Convention, but not always. For 2019, the Utah Fandom Organization is holding the 2019 NASFiC, North American Science Fiction Convention. NASFiCs only happen when Worldcon is overseas, and when a committee is voted in for the right to hold one, such as the Utah Fandom Organization Committee for Spikecon. 

Categories Include:

  • Best Cover Illustration - Hardback Book
  • Best Cover Illustration - Paperback Book/Ebook
  • Best Magazine Illustration
  • Best Interior Illustration
  • Best Gaming Related Illustration
  • Best Product Illustration
  • Best Color Work - Unpublished
  • Best Monochrome Work - Unpublished
  • Best Three Dimensional Art
  • Best Art Director
  • Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award

     We hope you join us in celebrating the work, artistry, imagination and creativity that keeps a whole fandom together. 

ASFA Members don’t forget to nominate! We will be closing the nominations on May 8th. If you are a member login into the website and go to the voting page  Chesley Suggestions 2018

When: July 5th, 2019 at 7:00 pm MDT

Where: Spikecon, Layton, Utah
Davis Conference Center - Meridian Main Ballroom (C,D,G,I)
There is an art reception after the ceremonies - details to be added soon. 

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chesley ceremony 2018 neilclarke

 chesley ceremony 2018 picaciopresenting

(Left) John Picacio presenting at the 2018 Chesley Awards at Worldcon 76

(Right) Neil Clarke winning at the 2018 Chesley Awards at Worldcon 76