Media Release #17

Dublin 2019 - An Irish Worldcon
Dublin, Ireland
15-19 August 2019
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Friday, 3 May 2019

Dublin 2019 Attending Membership Rates Will Rise on 6 May

     On 6 May 2019, membership rates will rise for Dublin 2019 - An Irish Worldcon. The rates from that date are as follows:

• Full Adult Attending membership rates rise to €260 from €235

• Irish First Worldcon rates, for adults from the island of Ireland attending their first Worldcon, rise to €160 from €150

• Young Adult Attending membership rates rise to €160 from €150.

• Child Attending membership rates, for those born between 16 August 2006 and 15 August 2013, rise to €80 from €70.

     These rises take effect at 00.01 Dublin time on Monday, 6 May. The rate for a Supporting membership is unchanged at €40. The rate for an Infant, born after 16 August 2013, remains unchanged at €5.

     “As we get closer to the con, we hope people will lock in their memberships at the lowest rate they can,” said James Bacon, chair of Dublin 2019. “We’re very excited about the programme for this Worldcon and we can’t wait to welcome everyone.”

     More than 5900 people have already registered as members of Dublin 2019, including more than 4700 attending members. More than 800 people will be attending Worldcon for the first time.

     Dublin 2019 - An Irish Worldcon will take place in and around the Convention Centre Dublin from 15 August to 19 August. Activities at the Dublin Worldcon will include the 2019 Hugo Awards, the world’s leading awards for excellence in science fiction and fantasy, as well as the spectacular Masquerade costume display. There are typically 650 to 800 separate programme items, including author readings and autograph sessions, films and videos, academic presentations, and panel discussions on speculative literature and other media, many involving fans and audience. The Irish Science Fiction Film Festival and Golden Blaster Awards will be among the film and video events at Dublin 2019.

     Guests of Honour for Dublin 2019 include YA author Diane Duane, and screenwriter and Hugo winner Ian McDonald, as well as game designer Steve Jackson (Melee, Chaos Machine, Munchkin) and editor Ginjer Buchanan. Science Guest of Honour will be Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered radio pulsars in 1967 as a postgraduate student. Bill and Mary Burns will be fan Guests of Honour. Featured Artists are Jim Fitzpatrick, Maeve Clancy and Afua Richardson.

More information and membership registration for Dublin 2019 are available at Follow us on Twitter at @dublin2019.

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     The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is a five-day event that has been held annually since 1939, apart from a four-year break during the Second World War. Dublin 2019 is the 77th Worldcon, the first to be held in Ireland and the eleventh in Europe.