(Abridged from their newsletter)  Every year, the Tiptree judges search the world for speculative works that challenge us to think in new ways about gender and gender roles. 

     At the top of the list is the winner of the 2018 Tiptree Award — Gabriela Damián Miravete for her short story “They Will Dream In the Garden,” translated by Adrian Demopulos, and published online by Latin American Literature Today (May 2018).

     A beautifully written and translated story, They Will Dream In the Garden” uses the future tense to imagine a Mexico in which femicides are already part of history. In a collective attempt by survivors to preserve memory and justice, traces of the minds of murdered women are encapsulated in interactive holograms “living” in a beautiful garden. The story looks at the economic, social, racial dimensions of violence against Mexican women today. By offering a possible look into the future, the story itself is a device of memory preservation, a call to action, and a fine example of science fiction as a tool for feminist exploration and social change.

     In addition to honoring Gabriela Damián Miravete for her story, the judges wish to extend a special honor to Adrian Demopulos for a wonderful translation of the award-winning story.  

     Of course, the judges also selected the Honor List — a group of exceptional and thought-provoking works:  

So many wonderful works to read. If that’s not enough for you, the jury also compiled a long list of twenty-eight other works they found worthy of attention. You’ll find that list — along with more information about the winner and the Honor List on the Tiptree website at http://tiptree.org/news.

Pat Murphy for the Tiptree Motherboard

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The Tiptree Award winner (along with authors and works on the Honor List) will be celebrated at WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin during Memorial Day weekend. The winner will receive $1000 in prize money, a specially commissioned piece of original artwork, and (as always) chocolate.