Westercon 72 Cosplay Guest of Honor - Kitty Krell



     Kitty Krell is a cosplayer from Denver, Colorado. Upon entering her first convention in 2000, the heavens opened up and a choir of angels rejoiced, for she had found a place she actually fit in.

     Since her love of cosplay first blossomed in 2000, she has created many pieces over the years with a focus on craftsmanship, fit, and couture techniques. She prides herself on her eye for detail and proportion, using corsetry extensively. In addition to her cosplay habit, she learned to make corsets for herself at fifteen to get a job at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, beginning a new addiction that would eventually lead her to own a small masquerade and costuming shop in Denver, Crimson Rose Masquerade, where she currently takes custom orders for one of a kind bridal design as well as an array of custom corsets, spanning the breadth of medical devices to intricate art pieces, and including innovative, hyper flexible, waterproof corsets.