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North American Science Fiction Convention 2019 (NASFiC)
Guest of Honor - David Weber 


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     David Weber was born in Cleveland and grew up in rural South Carolina. A bookworm from childhood, he was blessed with a father who collected autographed copies of every E. E. Smith hardcover and introduced him to Jack Williamson when he was 10. His mother taught english, ran her own ad agency and encouraged him to write. (Alice G. Weber went back to graduate school in her sixties to earn her PhD in Literature.) David’s parents were the supportive,  persistent and geeky influence he needed. He started writing short stories and poetry as young as five, and won his first award at the Greenville Art Festival when he was 16. 

     After getting an undergraduate degree and M.A in history from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, David Weber returned to Greenville learning the intricacies of copywriting from the family business. He is trained in Linotype Operation and worked copy in multiple mediums with intensive deadlines that do not give room for developing writers block including government documents, magazines, urban development and campaigns.

     As his writing developed, David also had multiple hobbies which pulled him towards science fiction and fantasy. David was a practitioner of RPGs before Dungeons and Dragons became popular, and found an interest in the StarFire gaming series fro Task Force Games of Amarillo, Texas. StarFire also led him to collaborate with Steve White, who later worked on the novel Insurrection.

    He sold his first novel to Jim Baen, his enabler at Baen Books, in 1989. David Weber has perpetrated over 66 solo and collaborative novels and an unconscionable number of anthologies upon the unsuspecting public. He is best known for his character Honor Harrington, a nod to C.S. Forester and sometimes described as “Horatio Hornblower in Space.” His second popular series, Safehold, is published by Tor Books.

     David Weber's novels range from military science fiction, epic fantasy, alternate history, and space opera. With books handed in, not yet published, he poured his passion into over 69 books including anthologies, offshoot series, and collaborative works. In 2019 he will celebrate his 30th year of being a staple in the trade of writing. David’s trick? “ Ultimately, you have to be the final judge of what's going to be published over your name, but the day you decide your judgment is infallible — that no one else has a critique or a suggestion which could improve your work — you are no longer going to be doing the best work of which you are capable.”