A Note on Weapons and Costume Props

     Spikecon wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time, so please adhere to the following policy or risk being uninvited to the convention, without refund from the convention or the organization.  

     All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons will be permitted. Bladed weapons must be cased and sheathed at all times. No clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Exemptions to this rule may be made for demonstration purposes, such as a lightsaber demonstration, or for law enforcement. 

Due to the reality of the times, Spikecon staff, Hotel Security and local law enforcement will treat anything that looks like a real gun as a real gun. Use your judgment, and if you have questions, please ask the Info Desk or Operations.

Violations of this policy can lead to immediate ejection from the convention and/or banning from all future Utah Fandom Organization functions and may include legal action. Any weapon used in an offensive manner will result in this policy being enforced.

Prohibited Weapons

  • Firearms of any nature, disabled, permit licensed or otherwise are not allowed. Only exception will be: Firearms for an event or panel need to be cleared by the Con Head and Programming Head, and trigger locked/disabled, before being brought on site ONLY for said program item. SAT and Con Head on duty will escort. A second exception for law enforcement. 
  • UT Permit to Carry - Spikecon is a private party. This means is that we can and do ban firearms from convention space, even if the owner has a valid Carry permit.

The following are also not allowed

  • Explosive devices of any kind
  • Tasers/stun guns
  • Pepper spray
  • Laser pointers
  • Any item deemed unsafe by Operations or Spikecon management

Spikecon Prop Policy

     Spikecon reserves the right to deem any item unsafe or inadmissible, and request its removal from the convention; regardless of whether it conforms to the ‘letter of the law.’

Peace-bonding is the process of marking and securing a prop using an identifiable material, typically zip-ties. This marking indicates to all concerned that you have been to Ops and that Ops has seen and approved your prop. If you have a prop of a delicate nature, you may peace bond it yourself, however this still must be done with peacebonding material provided by Ops and performed either in Ops or under the supervision of Ops personnel.

Mobility Aids used for accessibility such as canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs are not required to be peace-bonded. Members are welcome to bring their mobility aids to Ops to be inspected and bonded if they would like to do so. Exception: Sword Canes must be peace bonded as if they were props.

When you bring your prop to Ops, you will be eligible for exclusive Spikecon swag!

Description of Weapons or How to Handle Them

Non-realistic Looking Sidearms - Disable by either wrapping zip tie around trigger or through firing chamber.

Realistic-looking Firearms - Disable by trigger lock and either wrapping zip tie around trigger or through firing chamber.

Projectile Phaser (Laser) - Projectile weapons are not allowed if they can actually project anything. If they cannot: Holstered and zip tied to person.

Non-Projectile Phaser - Mark with zip tie, does not need to be zip tied to them.

Lightsaber - Mark with a zip tie, does not need to be zip tied to them.

Wolverine Claw (Real AKA Metal) - Please return them to your room or vehicle

Wolverine Claw (Fake aka Cardboard) - Zip-tie somewhere near claws to mark as OK

Live Steel Blade with Sheath - Zip Tie into sheath, if not possible, please return them to your room or vehicle.

Live Steel Blade w/out Sheath - Please return them to your room or vehicle.

Carrying Props 

     1- Prop weapons and accessories may be carried throughout the convention, provided they are approved by Operations and peace-bound.

     2- Any realistic prop must be readily identifiable as a non-real weapon. We would suggest a 1⁄2 inch bright orange tip or plastic around the end of the prop. 

     3- Props may not be pointed at anyone under any circumstances (especially replica firearms/nerf guns/water guns).

     4- If your prop is of the ‘large and unwieldy’ variety, please, be mindful of those around you, especially in confined spaces (e.g., elevators). 

     5- Realistic props should not be carried outside the Convention. The Layton Police Department will treat realistic looking weapons as a Legitimate Threat and take Appropriate Action! 

Allowed Props

Props may include (but are not limited to):

• Swords & Knives

• Edged/bladed props must be sheathed, peacebound and may not be drawn under in normal convention space. (See programming exception below.)

• Edged/bladed props may NOT be unsheathed and brandished or pointed at other attendees. Doing so will be considered a violation of this policy, and may result in removal of the prop, it's owner or user from the convention.

• Bats/clubs/mallets

• Staves and canes

• Bows are allowed only if they are rendered incapable of firing. This means that a bow must either be unstrung or strung at no tension. If you wish to carry arrows as part of this prop they must be un-tipped and secured to the quiver, if able.

• Toy, replica and model firearms (These include airsoft, water guns, Nerf, etc.)

• All props capable of firing a projectile or substance must be rendered unable to do so. The method of doing so is at the discretion of Ops and typically includes peacebonding the trigger, or otherwise rendering the prop inert. Please work with Ops to find the best solution to make your prop safe.

• Sidearms (pistols, etc) must be holstered. Long arms (rifles, etc) must remain secured to your person (e.g. slung, sheathed, holstered, stapled, or duct taped).

     Realistic props MUST NEVER be brandished or pointed at other attendees. Doing so will be considered a violation of this policy, and may result in removal of the prop, it's owner or user from the convention.

Reminder: The possibilities are endless for props, if you have any questions regarding your prop or whether it will be allowed, please contact Ops at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.