Utah Fandom Organization Guidelines for Conduct, Policies, & Procedures

      The policies, procedures, codes of conduct, anti-harassment statements and guidelines are provided to ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for convention individuals. These apply to attendees regardless of role or responsibility; as a guest, vendor, volunteer, attendee, organizer, professional or fan.

     The convention, and Utah Fandom Organization as a sponsoring body, reserves the right to take action towards any individual for violation of the policies and guidelines. We will do so in as fair, appropriate, and efficient way as possible to secure a safe, harassment-free environment for everyone. We also reserve the right to remove or eject, and revoke part or all membership privileges without a refund for violating the guidelines or providing an unsafe situation for participants. Local authorities or police may be called in a situation as necessary.

     Publicly posted intent to violate these policies and procedures, demean or harass individuals during the event, or any stated action that could cause duress for our venues, events, or attendees will be addressed as if they occur at the event.  

We strive to:

  • Give everyone involved a safe space to enjoy their individual fandoms
  • Listen with an open mind
  • Supply an outlet for individuals to address concerns without bias
  • Be able to have fun by inclusion, taking risks, and explore the breadth of topics in Science Fiction and Fantasy and other associated genres
  • Nurture the community and help grow awareness
  • Offering respect as a member of unique fandom
  • Support literacy and knowledge of the above topics