Memberships and Badge(s), Benefits and Regulations

     Utah Fandom Organization for the 2019 event follows the World Science Fiction Society Constitution, and the current Westercon Bylaws on memberships, rights, and processes. Your membership purchase will result in a badge issued on site for the benefits offered members. These benefits include:

     * A copy of all publications

     * The right to vote in the Westercon 74 site-selection process (Voting fee not included)

     * The right to vote in the NASFiC 2020 site-selection process (Voting fee not included)

     * A unique membership number for identification in the standing structure of the convention

     * Badge with 24pt type identifier and membership number

     * Access to all areas of the convention including programming, art, dealers and exhibits/events

     * Options to enjoy the consuite, mobile app, and daily newsletter during the convention

     * Option to join an off-site excursion (Nominal fee may be required)

     * Other possibilities include but are not limited to: Gaming, Kaffeeklatsches, Artemis, Makers Demos, Parties, Workshops, Readings, Crafts and more

      Your badge will have your chosen name with no less than 24 point bold type in keeping with Westercon traditions. Please take care of your badge. Questions or concerns about membership should be taken to the Registration Desk in the Sky Lobby of the Davis Conference Center.

     Utah Fandom Organization reserves the right to not print an alternate name if it is determined to be inappropriate by Registration and/or the committee. If it is determined that a requested badge name is unacceptable, the registrant will be asked to supply a different selection. If no response is received, the legal name will be printed on the badge

 Possible Revocation

     All memberships must be paid in full before receiving your convention badge. Everyone has pitched something in regardless of status or committee and we appreciate the support of the fandom community and these long-standing conventions and traditions. Membership fees are determined by the cost at time of initial payment, and may be different for each individual. This only denotes when someone supported or purchased and does not give any special status for cost.

     Utah Fandom Organization reserves the right to withhold or remove membership, badges and privileges for those who have not completed payment or violated the safe conduct policy of the convention.

Membership can be revoked at any time due to:

     * Unsafe Behavior

     * Violation of Policies

     * Code of Conduct Infractions

     * Outstanding Balance

     * Fraudulent Use

     * Violation of City/State or Federal Law
     * Damaging the rented property
     Each membership number is assigned unique to the individual upon pre-support or membership purchase. Attendees who intend fraudulent use of a badge including using someone else’s badge as their own, or creating or altering the badge in any way will have their membership revoked and possibly asked to leave the event. Please note: this does not include slight adornment due to parties or changes made by the registration volunteers specifically. 
 Transfer of Memberships    


     Attendees can transfer their membership, or donate a membership through the registration division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Membership Transfers need to state if they are transferring voting rights in the documentation. Supporting memberships can be purchased for $30 dollars if the voting rights are not included. For more information on voting see the World Science Fiction Society or Westercon Division Head, or the business meeting information on the event website.

 Questions on Refunds

     Utah Fandom Organization and supported events do not issue refunds. The memberships are processed for the support of activities and benefits of membership. For any questions, or possible exigent circumstances, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..