Local Legalities

     We at Utah Fandom Organization strive to follow all city, state and federal regulations for our events. For 2019, we are beholden to Layton City, Davis County, the state of Utah and federal laws.

For Curfew Laws look under the Minor(s) Guidelines


     Yes, Utah has alcohol as we showed in our bid parties. There are a few key things to remember when partaking or having alcohol at a party or event. What is illegal outside our venues is also considered illegal inside the venues, so please respect the local laws.

     Food and Beverage is not allowed in the convention center, unless purchased at one of the commisstations in the center or catered in event space by the Davis Conference Center. Alcohol is allowed only in private rooms, Club Fahrenheit and their patio area, off premises as long as Utah regulations are followed by those 21 years old or older. A few guidelines to remember:

  • Private parties are required to have their own insurance and responsible plans if they wish to serve alcohol at a room party. The convention center, hotels, and Utah Fandom Organization are not responsible for room parties.
  • It is recommended parties do their own identification checks, and don’t serve anyone under 21 years old.
  • Our S.A.T. (Safe Attending Team) will be required to contact local law enforcement if a law is being broken.
  • Intoxication in a public area of the convention when it creates potential harm or interference will result in our team asking you to leave the area for the safety of all attending.
  • Pouring or tampering with others food and beverage by introducing alcohol makes a situation dangerous and could trigger an allergy or medical issue. Anyone found tampering with another’s consumables, without permission, will result in a membership revoked, ejection and possible criminal follow up by law enforcement. (The same applies to any tampering of anyone’s food or drink.)
  • If you feel you need help due to alcohol or other consumables please go to the Information Desk, our S.A.T. Team, or if it is an emergency call 911.
  • Parties should not over-serve alcohol, or provide alcohol to someone who is showing signs of intoxication. Please party responsibly.


     Layton City Ordinance states:  “9.24.040 Purchase Or Possession Of Tobacco Or NarcoticsIt is unlawful for any person under the age of nineteen (19) years to buy, accept, or have in his or her possession any cigar, cigarette, or tobacco in any form, or for any person to buy, accept, or have in his or her possession any narcotic or hallucinogenic substance. The prohibitions of this Section shall not apply where narcotics have been furnished upon the prescription of a physician.”

     Utah has a blanket clean air act which makes it illegal to smoke within 25 feet of an open entrance to a building."Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed indoor places of public access and publicly owned buildings and offices,..." UC 26-38-3(1). The Act prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes and hookah in the same places as traditional tobacco is restricted. The same restrictions apply for our venues and some chemicals used can cause allergic reactions for attendees. Please help us by respecting local laws and take any form of tobacco, vaping, or e-cigarettes etc., outside.


     Please refrain from enacting the right to carry or concealed permits for firearms during our events. Utah upholds the rights to carry an unloaded weapon without a permit. There are also defined Utah laws enabling the ‘right to carry’ concealed permits. However, our venues and rental of them constitutes a private property interpretation which firearms will not be permitted during the event, even with a permit. Exceptions for this will only apply to local trained law enforcement, on or off-duty, when enforcing law or resolving on-site issues.

     If you are carrying, permit or not, you will be asked to leave the conference. We do not have the settings to request or hold firearms if found, and refuse to do so. We respect your rights, but also adhere to the requests of the laws and owners of our venues.

Local Legalities Contact Information

  • For emergencies dial 911
  • For Layton Police - Phone: (801) 497-8300
  • Fire Department - 530 N 2200 W Layton, UT 84041
  • Fire Department -  Phone Number: (801) 336-3940
  • Davis Hospital & Medical Center - Main Number: (801) 807-1000
  • Davis Hospital & Medical Center - 1600 West Antelope Drive Layton, Utah 84041
  • Poison Control: (800) 222-1222
  • Relay Utah (TTY) Dial 711 or: TTY: 1-800-346-4128
  • Voice: 1-888-735-5906
  • HCO: 1-800-346-4128
  • VCO: 1-800-346=7141
  • ASCII: 1-888-735-5907
  • Spanish: 1-888-346-3162
  • Speech-to-Speech: 1-888-346-5822
  • Layton Municipal Ordinances - https://layton.municipalcodeonline.com
  • https://utah.com/state-liquor-laws
  • Dial 211 for State Information or Tourism