Other Artist Information

Panels and Tables 

     Our panels are approximately 4’ square. That’s the exact size of the pegboard, but the outer ¾ inch of the pegboard is covered by its frame. On the other hand, the frame is thin enough that pieces can usually go over it. So the panel is either 46.5 inches square, or 49.5 inches square, depending how you use and measure it. We will be using a combination of 4’ and 8’ pegboard – an 8’ piece counts as two panels.

     The top of the 4’ square panel area is 7’ above the floor. The bottom is 3’ above the floor. It’s OK for your work to extend below the bottom of the panel, but you probably don’t want it low enough to get kicked. We can provide a variety of hanging hardware.

     We also sell half panels and half tables. Half panels will be divided vertically unless both artists request a horizontal division. Half tables are 3’x2’.

     There will be some tables along a wall (which is largely windows) and some tables which are back to back in the middle of the room. If you prefer a table against a wall, in front of a window, or visible from both sides, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you. If you have both panels and tables we will not put your tables in front of your panels unless you request it.

     Multiple artists can share space - we just ask that you have separate paperwork for each artist.
     If you can’t set up or tear down during the time set aside for that, contact us and we’ll see what we can work out.

Print Shop

     There are several ways of doing a Print Shop. We’re using one where you put all the copies of your prints out on the panels or tables (there’s more panel space than table space). We have long (merchandise) hooks for the panels, so you can hang multiple prints on a hook.

     In the Art Show Rules, it mentions that items in the Print Shop “need not be prints”. Other items likely to be in the Print Shop include sketches, art books, coloring books, beanbag cats, and small 3D items such as mugs or bookmarks. The 3D items usually go on tables, as would bins of prints if you use one.


Q. Can I put a sign or banner or business cards on my panel?
A. Yes. We have business card holders. Each panel or table will also have a label on the frame identifying the panel number and the artist. Please don’t remove them – buyers and art show staff and judges use them even after you’ve found your space.

Q. Can I put one copy of a print in the Art Show, and more copies in the Print Shop?
A. Yes – but… You don’t want identical copies in both places. You’re competing with yourself and will annoy any buyer who pays more. Putting a framed or fancy matted version in the Art Show with plainer copies in the Print Shop works well (with a note on the framed copy that prints are available in the Print Shop).

Q. Utah has rather strict laws about nude art. Do they really enforce them?
A. Sometimes – depending on local politics. Fortunately, Post-It notes are opaque.